Glas Haus Building Ratchada

Building Information

  • Building name
    Glas Haus Building Ratchada
  • Location
    207 Glas Haus Building Ratchada, Ratchadapisek – Huaykwang Road, Dindaeng, Bangkok 10400
  • Property Size
    13,362.00 sq.m.
  • Available space
    7,509.00 sq.m.
  • Building Features
    6-storey office building A and 17-storey office building B, 300 cars parking spaces (around the building and parking lot building), 50 motorcycles parking spaces.
  • Structure of the building
    Reinforced concrete flat slab (POST-TENSION) and cement leveling thicknesses from 0.02 - 0.05 m. with a load of 300 kg per sq.m.


  • Floor
    It was made of a granite matte at the entrance hall and elevators on ground floor and underground floor, and a granite and marble on other floors. The office floor was made of a rubber flooring tile.
  • Exterior wall
    The wall surrounding the building was made of a glass wall.
  • Interior wall
    The wall in the communal restrooms was made of a granite.
  • Ceiling
    0.60 x 1.20 sq.m. T-Bar Aluminum Board
  • Sanitary ware




Total area



Available space



Building system

  • Using CENTRAL CONDENSOR COOLING WATER for a central air conditioning system which is controlled by a WATER COOLED PACKGED
  • Preparing a reserved generator in case of power outage from the Metropolitan Electricity Authority for using building equipment safely.
  • There are Heat detectors and Smoke detectors which are linked to the fire alarm in case of fire.
  • There is a Fire protection system.
  • Using Fire Standpipe System on every floor
  • There are Portable Fire Extinguishers on every floor.
  • Using Auto Sprinkler System
  • The reserved water tanks at the underground floor and a roof of the building will be used in case of fire especially.
  • There are 2 spots of fire escape.
  • There are water tanks at the underground floor and a deck of the building in order to keep water supply which can be available at least 1 day when lacking of water supply.
  • Using Biological Treatment Process Extended Autivated Sludge System as a wastewater treatment system which the treated water will then meet with the official standard / will be monitored the quality of the water before releasing to the public.
  • Using FARADAY CAGE SYSTEM as a lightning protection system based on BRITISH STANDARD and Energy policy standard
  • 24 hours security including CCTV
  • There are 4 elevators in Glas Haus Building Ratchada including 2 elevators in Building A / 2 elevators in Building B which their speed is 120 m./min.
  • Maintenance Technician will be at the building for 24 hours.


It is convenient to travel because it is near to Sutthisan MRT station, and there are many supporting facilities surrounding such as Thanachart Bank, coffee shop (Boncafe), MaxValu Supermarket opening 24 hours, McDonalds opening 24 hours, Suki No.1, Au Bon Pain, Sulbing (Korean Dessert Cafe), etc.

For more information, please contact


207 Glas Haus Building Ratchada, Ratchadapisek – Huaykwang Road, Dindaeng, Bangkok 10400

Contact Sales
  • Miss Hathaiwan Plengterm 02853 9000 Ext. 7484
  • Ms. Wannapa Rimmakulsub 02853 9000 Ext. 7509
  • Call Center 1285
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